What to donate

All of our donations are pre-loved to provide a sustainable and community driven donation service. 

Examples of items that we collect are clothes, toys, toiletries, safety equipment (gates, cupboard locks etc), cots, prams, moses baskets, baths, towels, nappies wipes, pre-birth preparation information and weening equipment.

We also supply starter packs for new mothers including breast pads, sanitary wear and toiletries.


How to donate

Please send us a message to our facebook page to organise a time to drop off your donation and any other details. Then you can drop off your donation with someone from the team for it to be sorted.

We appreciate any and all donations you can bring even if you’re not sure, message us or bring it along.

What happens to your donation

All of the items donated to us are sorted into items that we can use immediately and those that we can’t pass on we take to kilo weigh ins for fundraising.

Donations that we are able to pass on, are then picked up by a social worker or healthcare professional to be delivered to the client. 

Those donations that we cannot pass on, we donate them ourselves to other places or we take them to kilo weigh ins where the weight is equivalent to a cash amount. So even if you think we might be able to use your donation please bring it anyway!


If you don’t have anything that you can donate at the moment but still want to help out, we do also take monetary donations. Some things we cannot donate, for example, when we deliver cots, we need to buy new mattresses for them, and toiletries need to be sourced new. 

We also have set up an Easho and Amazon Wish List which can be found below. If you don’t have anything to donate at the moment, the things that we are most in need of can be found here. This is an alternative to just donating money.